What's In A Date?

As at the time of writing this I have been requested to officiate, celebrate, and commiserate weddings from upwards of Auckland, east towards Whakatane and Napier, through the guts of the country into Wellington and Nelson, and of course down here in Mainland Territory, the fine city of Christchurch.

But as it stands one date has had more requests, and more rejections than any other; 20th February 2016. I have now received five requests to stand in and it got me thinking about making some sort of calendar available to those who seek my superior standing in order to see if I can be booked in.

So to AJ and Emma, the date, as it was asked for by you first, is yours, and I look forward to being there on your special day up there in The Valley of Peace, and emceeing later on that afternoon at your reception.

This post will be a 'live' post that will be updated with dates taken, although it is worth noting that some people will only need me to be available for a short time on any given date, so it is possible that I carry out multiple services in a single day i.e. carry out a service at 1pm on a Saturday in Fendalton, a 2:30pm in Brighton, and a 4pm in Ohoka. See, it's that simple...isn't it?

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